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W-wow... Route 207 absolutly LOVES me.

So there I was, just pissing about with the Poké Radar, mostly trying to find a Kricketot to start a chain with, I activated the radar after failing to get Kricketot for the third time and I stepped in one of the normal regular patches.
I see a Machop roll across my screen but then I noticed...oh hay... he's coloured a weird hue of grey/green...instead of just normal grey, then PING! shiny stars.
There was no shiny patch, he was in a normal regular one.

Funny thing is, I was thinking only hours earlier today about how people had gotten shinies in normal patches before and then it happens to me XD

It's a male Machop, I named him Oliver :3

With this, the random encounter shiny Geodude and all the succesful chains I've had there, I think Route 207 is becoming my most favourite place in the game EVER XD Now if only I can get my ass moving on Diamond so I can chain Larvitar :<

Plus this random encounter makes up for the Natu chain I lost earlier, cos a Shuckle thought it would be fun to be in the farthest away patch D|
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