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I bought a Skymin!

So... I just bought a Shaymin Sky Forme plushie off e-bay... I think this little guy is growing on me very quickly... that and I liked the Sky Forme plushie better than the plushie of it's land forme.

Mostly bought it to test out a new seller I found on e-bay~ Cos they have much more up-to-date plushies (Shaymin! Darkrai! Riolu! Regigigas! Giratina!) and it's a mix of Japanese and American plushies, which is neat. That and the shop of the other seller I've used has dissapeared :< Mooo! Not sure if that's a permanant thing or not.
This new seller also sends stuff from the UK, so that's neat~

Guess we'll see what happens~ I'm looking forward to getting my Skymin~~!

But right now I gotta go in the shower and go into town, need to send off the Travelling Sketchbook to it's next victim, but before that I need to buy an enverlope to put it in XD
Tags: e-bay, pokemon plushies, shaymin
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