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A day out at Meadowhall (*Plus New LJ Icons*)

YAY! I actually got out of the house today! About half nine this morning my friend Helen phones up and asked if I wanted to go to Meadowhall (*Waking me up, I was still asleep XD*) So I said to myself "To hell with the housework my dad expects me to do" *lol* Ah well not quite like that but I hadn't seen helen for a long time so I thought it would be great to go, we went with her dad who was meeting her mum there.

Anyway the train ride there was intresting, the damn guy checking tickets got pissed at us for getting tickets on the train rather then getting them BEFORE we got on. We told him that we just got there as the train was coming in and would of missed it if we hadn't and he was all like "You shouldn't be making excuses"
WTF? He was acting like we were all kids who were lying! O_o; It was kinda funny but kinda freaky at the same time, according to Helen he didn't get pissy at anyone else who got on the train with no tickets ;_; Mean man...

Anyway we were originally going to go see a movie but I only really wanted to see Shrek 2 and the 3rd Harry potter Movie but since Shrek 2 isn't out over here until the end of June and Helen had already seen the HP movie we ended up not going to see anything, I'm really picky when it comes to movies, I won't see anything I don't fancy seeing and that is THAT!

Anyway I got some WAY cool stuff today first of all I decided to go to the only store in Meadowhall that does mangas and actually that store is getting better for manga, even though it's still only a small section they had loads of mangas I reconized but Two of them (*DNAngel vol 1 and Fruits Basket Vol 2*) I had already ordered through amazon so I settled for a Digimon Manga and A Tokyo mew Mew one (*I was curious to see what it was like, looks cute X3*)

Then we went into HMV and I see their selection of anime is also getting better! It's so neat! I happily found Angelic Layer Volume 1 which I forgot to order from Amazon which I have yet to watch and I also found things like //hack:sign and some copies of "King of Bandit Jing" since I was overally confused by the first episode of //hack:sign which I downloaded once I turned towards the "King of Bandit Jing" DVDs, I was curious what it was about, I'd seen people mention it and I didn't remember anyone saying anything bad about the series so I bought it to see what it was like, and it's pretty awesome ^^ Still kinda confusing but that's PROBABLY because I was watching from episode 5-7 (*They didn't have the first volume only the second and third ^^;*)
Also while in there Helen and I were looking for the metal section of the CDs (*Since she likes Metal*) when we passed the Soundtracks section and Helen pointed out a Beyblade V-Force soundtrack and I was like "Ahhhh, there is a song that plays in V-Force that I really like maybe it's on here" and yep it's on there so I got that too, it has some other cool tunes on it too but I wouldn't of thought half the songs put on it even went with the show itself, I think they were just put on just cos they're the same type of music as the Beyblade ones XD
The only song on it I will NOT listen to is that crappy "Year 3000" song by that Busted group -_-;; I really do hate that song with a passion....

Then there was Toymaster X3 Eee! I found some bizarre looking Yami and Kaiba figurines which are stood in front of my computer right now...
...and yes....the really do look VERY bizarre XD Yami has this very strange expression on his face and his hair is weird and don't get me started on Kaiba, compaired to Yami his skin colour is so pale, he looks like a zombie XD
I'm hoping I'll be able to drag my dad into Toys R Us on Saturday if we go to PC World cos apparently there are figurines of Marik and the Dark Magician Girl too which I really would love X3
I wish they did Bakura though ;_;

It's time to DUEL!
Or play rock, paper, scissors XD

OMG! They want to Duel j00!

I'll leave this one up to your imaginations, it was a random photo I took when I acctidently knocked Kaiba over but it still looks somewhat dodgy XD

Okay so after that we eventually went into WHSmiths where some guy I didn't reconized was signing some book on princess Diana and I was like "Oh look, some guy is signing books" to Helen and I swear one of the people who eitehr worked in the store or was his secruity or something looked at me weird.....not my fault i don't know who the guy was -_-;;
Also he seemed important enough for some body from Hallam FM to be interviewing some random customer not too far away O_o;
Then I spent the rest of the time there looking through kiddies Digimon/Beyblade/Yugioh Magazines XD
What? Tis the closest we have to anime magazines over here XD

Soon we decided to go home, just managed to get to the train station just in time then....
...the train breaks down at Sheffield XD So we have to switch Trains...kinda annoying, I was more comfertable in the last train I was drawing an intresting picture of Yugi and Ed *lol*

When I got home after being at Helen's house for a while I found my dad seemed a bit pissed at me since I chose to go to meadowhall over doing housework *sighs* I can always do it tomorrow morning *shrugs*

Anyway now I present the random LJ Icons I've been working on for the last few days!

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