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Fun Day Out!

Wheee~ So today I got to meet up with saft and littlekuriboh! It was a really awesome day and they're both so sweet! Safty gave me a picture she drew for me, of Juudai and her OC in the Yugioh dressing room ^o^ And they treated me to dinner and a movie, we saw the second Narnia movie! Very glad I wasn't too confused over the movie because I hadn't seen the first one, just took me a while to work out the names of the characters XD It was a really awesome movie though, lots of action and talking animals is always a plus with me X3 Gwah the badger, the little mice, THE LION! <3 <3
We got to talk a lot about Yugioh, RP-ing and Pokémon, it's always fun to geek over things like that with others 8D
So thanks very much for that guys! ^o^ And thanks for letting me borrow the DVD too, Safty! Do you want me to keep hold of it until we next get to meet up?

All I ended up buying were some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards XD Though I'm glad I did because I got Arcana Force - The Fool which is one of the Arcana Force cards I really wanted X3 I also got Miracle Flipper!

Thanks for the awesome day out guys, we'll definitely have to do it again ^^ Also I hope they find your phone, Safty.

When I was waiting for the train this morning, there was this huge gathering of men (*Drinking beer at 11am, oh Worksop*) all wearing these black T-Shirts. The T-Shirts had a motif of a married couple on it, the groom frowning and the bride happy and holding flowers with the words "GAME OVER" under them.... they all had a lot of luggage, like they were going somewhere for the weekend. I wondered what the T-Shirts meant, whether it was an event or something. I googled it and turns out they appear to just be funny T-Shirts about marriage and it's possible they were probably going to a bachelor party maybe? Who knows, was kinda funny though XD

This week has been really awesome though :D I'm glad I actually got out to do things and meet people instead of doing crap all at home like usual :3

Ah, also to LK! I believe this was the picture you were looking for in HQ?
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