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Edale Trip!


Photos from the Edale trip!
It was a really lovely day, despite us getting windswept and rained on XD It really was so pretty up there, we walked through the hills and stuff and there were TONS so sheep, so I have a lot of sheep pictures!
Also right at the beginning, before we found the proper way to get up into the hills, we accidentally walked onto Private Land XD; Oppps! Funny enough... no one bothered us! No one was around and we walked for a while until we realized that wasn't the way we should of been going... only on the way back did we see the "Private" sign ^^;; Ah well, we didn't do any harm.

Also...I have a huge blister on the back of my foot now XD Damn socks that decide "Oh hay, I'm going to have a hole now!" So the back of my foot was rubbing on my shoe most of the day ><;

But otherwise it was a awesome day! We're hoping the weather will be a lot better in a couple of months, cos we want to try and take a trip to the dams and one to Castleton :D
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