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Screenshots, next week and 5D's!


I have around the first 40 minutes of the movie capped so far... but I've yet to go through the ones I took today. I love how awesome and clear the pictures are coming out though /o/
Urgh, just tomorrow and Saturday to work then I'm free for a week! Freeeee~~~!

I still need to pick a day to go to Edale with Tony, I know it'll be on either the Wednesday or the Thursday, but I'm keeping my eye on what the weather says, looks like it MIGHT be kinda unsettled next week.
Also still need to arrange a day to go to Meadowhall with saft :o
If you're still up for that and you see this, feel free to choose a day, Safty XD I can go pretty much any day next week except Tuesday~ ^o^

Other than that not much to report. Oh except I watched the newest 5D's episode yesterday:

Yuusei and Ushio duel... while falling down a LIFT SHAFT ON THEIR MOTORCYCLES.
That seriously was just... nuts XD Ushio nearly blew Yuusei right off his bike with one attack!

Also... THE TWINS! FINALLY THE TWINS! They're so adorable :3 Next episode sounds like it'll be fun!
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