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Whooo-hoo, nothing like an FMA episode which focuses on one of the homonculous rather than Ed and co (*But either way is good good good*) Twas an intresting episode, Lust meets up with some dude she met once who's town was like coming down with this strange plauge which made your skin all freaky looking O_o; And she ends up giving him a Philosopher's stone on a ring or soemthing to cure it reminice all that then right at the end...
....Lust spears him with her extendable sharp finger nails...
....nice huh?
Then the whole town dies of the Plauge... such a happy ending don't you agree? O_o;
Lust also kept getting these nifty flashbacks with this guy back to the time when she was Scar's brother's girlfriend/wife (*Yeah I think I got that right*)
Lets see what else happens... hummm....Envy stabs some guy with a fork or a knife and then Gluttony eats him XD
Oh and what little we see of Ed he beats up 5 or so huge guys all by himself XD

In the next episode Winry gets to go joyriding on a tractor *nods*

Lust or....angst?

Look at me, I can levitate a rock!


Scar's brother and his grilfriend/wife/whatever....

The perfect way to end a date XD

Joyriding Winry XD

Now I just need the sub to come out so I know what they're saying XD

Also today I downloaded one of those Naruto Nippon things, it's like a radio show they air everyweek in Japan or something which they have the voice actors host, luckily I found a site with translations so I followed that through, it had part of an awesome drama with it too with Sakura wanting to get Sasuke to drink some love potion XD Too bad for her Rock Lee drank it instead *lol*
It also had a FMA radio thing on after it which I unfortunatly didn't have the translation to but all I can say is when she talks normally Al's voice actress sounds like she's on helium XD And Ed's voice actress sounds so different when talking normally *lol* It was fun to listen too.

Hummm I think I'll go download more of those Naruto Nippon things now XD I want one with Shikamaru *lol*
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