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5D's Episode 11 + Getting New Glasses

...I liked how Yuusei walked into a shady looking bar, full of people smoking(?) some suspicious looking liquid on the tables and he ordered MILK from the bar.
I love you Yuusei.
Also we got to see our first riding duel acctident in Saiga's flashback, it was sad :<

It also feels funny to write the name "Saiga" and not have it refering to the Saiga we have in the DA-R2 RP (Who happens to be a girl)

But yaaaay Yuusei finally has his D-Wheel and deck back, now back to playing card games on motorcycles! :D

In other news, I went to have my eyes tested again, my sight has gotten a bit worse so they had to update my prescription blah blah de blah, had to order a new pair of glasses and my GOD they're expensive ;o; They better last me a while that's all I have to say.
But I wanted to get this done before Amecon so :< Oh well.
Tags: eyesight, fudou yuusei, glasses, oh my life, yu-gi-oh! 5d's
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