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Chesterfield Canal Photos

You know the best thing about going for a walk up a canal at this time of the year?
You get to see all the little baby ducks and things ;o; omg they were so cute hsgfhafghgf!! Seriously right at the beginning of our walk up the canal and we saw the tiniest little ducklings ever! Not sure where their mother was, but they were so cute X3 So small and fluffy!

Tony decided to take on a little project to see how many photos of fishermen he could get and being the nerd I am I was all "Gwad, they remind me of the fishermen in the Pokémon games who all have like a team full of Magikarp" 8D Oh we got to see a pair of geese with their little baby too, them and one female duck came over to us while we were taking photos, expecting us to throw food for them XD Hey least we managed to get some cute shots of them.

All pictures are in this folder: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v142/PDUTogepi/Art%20Stuff/Photos/Chesterfield%20Canal/

Then I got home and this was waiting for me!


YAAY! Orange Islands on DVD~~! X3 Now I need to go order the Darkrai movie /o/

Hopefully, if the weather is nice, Tony and I should be heading up to Edale for a day when I'm off work :D That's gonna be WAY neat! The Peak District is AWESOME for photos.
Gonna go through these now and choose the good ones to go up on dA.
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