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The Circle of Life is Cruel

Whoa, according to my dad, we just had a hawk-like bird (*Most likely a Sparrowhawk, though it MIGHT of been a Kestrel*) kill a small bird in our front garden then fly off with it O_O Gwah, I missed it, my dad saw it happen. Would of been neat to see a Sparrowhawk up that close.
According to my dad there were two Magpies going CRAZY at the Sparrowhawk so I'm betting the bird it got was their baby or something, for them to be THAT angry.
Though this is one of the awesome things about living in an area with lots of fields and woodland surrounding the town, we get a handful of awesome wildlife here. I see Sparrowhawk's occasionally, usually they're hovering in the air. I think I saw one on my way to work last week, it dove down into a little wild pond thing I pass by. I occasionally see Rabbits and Herons down in that area too.

So in other news, my mum is too busy with my granddad to go to Cleethorpes, so I'll most likely be spending tomorrow cleaning my room... or sleeping...
Thursday afternoon I've booked myself in for a sight test, my eye sight has gotten a little worse over the last year... in fact without the glasses on... I can't even read what's written on this screen... ;o; So yeah... I think I need stronger glasses. I wanted to get that sorted before Amecon.

...awwww, one of the Magpies came back and it was all cawing and chirping in the front garden right in the spot where it's baby was killed ;o; Seems like they might of cleaned up the feathers that were left too, they've totally gone @_@

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