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Thinking of the Beach!

Whoo today and the next two days away from work /o/
My mum has this week off and she told me to contact her if I wanted to do something with her... she's been really stressed out with my grandad lately so maybe I'll ask her if she wants to just go to Cleethorpes or something tomorrow, yay beach! The weather is cooler and cloudier tomorrow but still decent enough for the beach I think... and we've been meaning to do that since last year.
It really depends.

I would prefer to go to Skegness actually, I haven't been there in YEARS and YEARS... but the fact that we have to change trains so many times (*Twice I think*) kinda put us off it. Well, more put my mum off it, I don't mind XD We used to take the train there when I was a kid, though I barely remember it XD I vaguely remember travelling on the train and waiting on one of the stations while going there.

Both me and my mum mostly just wanna go to the beach cos they usually have the best Fish and Chips EVER |3

Anyway I'll phone my mum in a little while and ask.

...also I'm hungry. Need to go get foood @_@
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