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Another Friday

Eee! Got to go on store greeting again today, it's becoming a weekly Friday occurrence! I guess because it seems I'm one of the few who actually likes it on there. I like all the jobs most others hate XD
So today we were sampling some Mr. Kiplings stuff, like apple pies, cherry bakewells ect. nice nice stuff X3 It was awesome and I even got praise from one of the supervisors for improvising when I ran out of bun cases to put the samples in and I started cutting up the plastic things the apple pies and stuff came in, apparently no one else had even thought of doing that all day.

One thing that wasn't so great was when we got some druggies hanging outside the store D| A woman, obviously looking worse for wear and smelling of alcohol, came up to me and just started gathering up as much as she could carry in her hands, claiming they were "for her dog". Wut?
So she leaves, then the man she was with did the same. It was only when the woman came BACK did I tell her to "Not take them all".
"I won't" she tells me... and continues filling her hands up with the samples >>; Luckily the security guard had been watching them too and he chirped in, telling the woman that the samples were not a "free-for-all" and asked the woman if she was actually going to BUY any.
"When I get my money" she replied.
lol yeah right. Luckily they didn't come back after that, but GAH so annoying.

We're getting our new tills soon... on the week I'm actually on holiday from there. I'm gonna go back to that place the following Sunday and not know what I'm doing XD
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