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Chiisaki Mono sore Wa Watashi....

Jirachi Wish Maker is such a lovely movie...well I knew that already seeing the fansub and all but the dub is quite nice, I was a little worried about the ending song since it was supposedly an english version of "Chiisaki Mono" but to my suprise only the first bit was pure english the rest was the original Japanese lyrics then at the end they were mixed up with the english lyrics ^^ It's great to see something like that Pokémon isn't completly being denied it's Japanese heritage anymore, I'm hoping to see soemthing like that with the next movie, but it most probably won't happen.

It was strange they kept the original voice over for Haruka when may sung the song their mother used to always sing to her, kinda funny that, maybe the english actress can't go "Do de do de do" *lol* I was happy to see they kept the whole original background score...then again ever since Miramax took over the production of the dub version of the movies the original background score has always been used, give or take a few changes here and there, I guess it makes up for the lame titles they kinda give the movies XD

Gotta dance was such a fun Pokémon short, though I'm not so keen on the english version of "Polka O Dolka" mostly cos dub Meowth's voice started to really annoy me while he was singing XD Although Treecko was excellent in it! It tried so hard not to dance but then it finally gave in, grabbed Mudkip and danced around and around XD
Also it had lovely Giovanni fantasy via Meowth not as bad and as screwed up as the series ones but it's still fun XD

As for DVD extras I got a perfect on the Quiz (*Okay the answers were obvious XD*) It also had some great art for the Pokémon and from the movie, a message from the Japanese Movie director when he was in Vancover location spotting for the next movie and also it had the Japanese Music video to "Chiisaki Mono" although I wasn't too impressed with them calling it the "Make a wish" music video...call me picky but I see the song "Make a wish" as the one that plays at the end of the movie, the pure Japanese one is called "Chiisaki Mono" which is something like "A small thing" I think *lol*

But yes that's my view on Jirachi Wish Maker and I can't wait to see the 7th movie, gonna have to wait a while though since it's not even out in Japanese theaters yet X3 Hehehe!

Currently I've been making loads and loads of LJ Icons XD Mostly Pokémon Ones, I'll show them later though ^^

My back hurts >_< And stupid me agreed to do 5 hours overtime at work tomorrow... I'm starting at 11am too so I have to make sure to get up...
...eeep that reminds me, I have to go in the shower XD Almost forgot *lol*

And I'll end this journal entry with the best search in my site statistics today....
...(houndoom yaoi)

XD (*Falls over laughing*)
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