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Well, back to work tomorrow and I was right, I'm working a lot next week D8 I wonder why I'm still working until late on Monday though... isn't Monday a BANK HOLIDAY? Usually we close early on bank holidays :/ Oh well.
I have Thursday off, Thursday off is good. And Tuesday off but I ALWAYS have Tuesday off.
Which reminds me, I should really call the charity shop to tell them I won't be coming in this coming Tuesday, I was gonna tell them LAST Tuesday but I barely saw the manageress that day.
Plus I forgot.

I might be going to the Tokyopop Recon in Nottingham on Tuesday, it's just a little last minute because we've only just found out where it's being held and I can't organize things with my friend Tony until he comes back from the Expo. Thing is if we want to catch the last train then we can only spend an hour or so there, tops, which isn't long really.
BUT I did research into other methods of getting home and there IS a bus we can fall back on. I found an online timetable and the last bus to Worksop is at 10:45pm.
Means we'd get to Worksop by midnight XD If we caught that though, we'd be able to stay for the whole thing or at least most of it.

Hummm, I'll run this by Tony the first chance I get.

Blah I mentioned this to my dad, just so he knows I might be going out Tuesday and all he could do was complain about it. About how I shouldn't be catching the very last train, IT SHOULD BE THE ONE BEFORE THE VERY LAST. And then was all "Don't expect me to come and pick you up if you get stranded there" blah blah blah.
I swear he still acts like I'm 12-years-old or something and he REALLY doesn't trust me to be able to do these things and expects me to just fail at it. Gwah! Dad, that's why I looked at the bus service too! So I could find ways to get home if we DIDN'T make the last train! And both Tony and I are ADULTS for god's sake.


Anyway, yeah...I have three long 8-hour shifts next week, not fun. 8U
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