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Just Another Day at the Supermarket

So today I had to stand in the lobby of where I work for two and a half hours saying hi to customers and handing out a leaflet about our re-fit that everyone has already had like a thousand times over :| I was frozen by the time they got someone to take over from me, it was kinda cold today...
After that I spent the rest of my shift putting left behinds away...someone also pretty much dumped a trolley so had to put that back... only managed the bakery stuff before they put me on a till. THEN they told me I had to see the manager because I had a return to work form to do...
...well, that confused me, because as far as I knew, all mine had been done...so I went to see the manager anyway and he told me he didn't have one for me, he needed to do one for two OTHER people @_@ How the supervisors mixed that up I have no idea.

Well...at least our locker room is finished now... it's got a lot more space now and the toilets have been re-done. Least we don't have to use the temporary ones outside the store anymore /o/

Also, I have a week off now! WHOO-HOOO!

In other news, those travellers I mentioned in one of my other posts who has all the horses, seems like they left today. They were there when I went to work but they weren't there when I came home.

Things I want to do this week:

- Finish cleaning my room
- Maybe get that Wii if I can find a place that has it.
- Chain some more Pokémon on Pearl and maybe do a trade post on shinypoke
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