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oh lief.


I love them :D Didn't get the Fool though, but I did get:
The Moon
The Lovers
The Empress
The Magician
The Emperor
The Chariot

I also got three Rainbow Gravity's, Hero Blast, Volcanic Queen, A few Lightsworns but who cares about those when you have ARCANA FORCE.
I got Jinzo - Returner too :D
If I knew I'd be good at dueling real life opponents, I'd totally put together a Gem Beast deck for the lolz. It's like, the only set of cards I have most of the cards too.
Plus Johan <3

The phone just rang, it was work asking if I could do overtime next week. Would of accepted except... IT'S MY WEEK OFF NEXT WEEK.
Supervisor: - Oh, so you don't want to do any on your day off?
HELL NO :| I'm doing plenty the week after that anyway.

Talking of work, the place is a mess XD The end of our store really DOES look like a bomb has hit it now, even more than before, the checkouts seem so closed in now and there's little room to move at the bottom of them.
They blocked off the chillers in the warehouse to do work on them D|
Also it's annoying that we have to use the temporary toilets, cos like, I go on my break and it takes TIME to walk to the front of the store to use those and walk to the BACK of the store for the staff canteen D|

I don't think I've mentioned the travellers we have near to where I live, yet. They appeared about a over a week or so ago on a field RIGHT next to a freakin' Infant school :/ It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't have HORSES running wild EVERYWHERE. Seriously, these horses are NOT tied up and are allowed to roam around free around our streets :/ My dad apparently saw two or three wandering up our road and then they started galloping, which could be dangerous if they ran into someone.
Apparently they're heading to a horse show that starts the first week in June...

My mum is also having problems with my grandad, he's not getting on with my uncle who he lives with, so he keeps saying he wants to move, only when my mum actually FINDS a place for him to live, he doesn't want to move and it's TWICE he's done this now D|
oh lief.
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