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Where'd Spring Go?

Urgh so, a few weeks ago it was winter, now it feels like the summer.
Where the hell did Spring go?
The warm weather is nice to have though, a bit too warm to work to work in yesterday but~

Also, last night, before I went to bed, I noticed what looked like to be a baby spider on our bathroom curtain. After sucessfully knocking it off the curtain...but losing it, I shruged and carried on with what I was doing when I saw another baby spider...
...and another...
...and another...
...all on that same bathroom curtain.
Coming to the conclusion we might have a nest somewhere, I get my dad. He managed to get most of the babies on the curtain (*There had to of been at least 7 or 8 of them all together*), then dad decided to look in the tank for our toilet which is right below the curtain.
Certain enough, there was a big momma spider in there and under the tank lid was the nest which my dad described as having "hundreds" of baby spiders in it X__X Geez I'm glad we found that. All those babies would of grown into the size of their mother or about that ;o;
My dad didn't get the momma spider though ><; He missed it and she went and hid.

It's Friday again...urgh.
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