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Well the spider finally showed itself again about 15 or so minutes after I lost it....then I had to wake my dad up at 2am to kill it ^^; Though apparently it was HIS fault for letting it in...he had my window open earlier while I was at work >_< And THAT is why I don't open my window....

w00t! Also I got up just now (*Yeah I be lazy and slept until almost 11am*) and found Jirachi Wish Maker had come X3 Eeeeee! I'm so gonna watch that later on! I especially want to see the Pikachu short, YAY dancing Pokémon!
I got a sweet Jirachi card too X3 It's so adorable ^^

Also I got a letter from one of my online friends (*She's known as Digimon Cager on my site*) I haven't replied to her letters for a while cos I'm just so damn lazy and keep forgetting too X_x; So I'm gonna make sure to send a reply to this one sometime THIS WEEK!

Honestly where did my motivation go?
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