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Tegaki E and Other Rambles

TEGAKI E!: http://www.unowen.net/tegaki/uentries.php?u=6605

If you have an account there, doodle comment on my crappy doodles! :D

So I worked REALLY hard on my WC2008 game last night and finally met the requirements to unlock the "My Hero" card pack, so now I have a few more E-Heros :D Gonna be a while before I get E-Heros like The Earth (Terra Firma) and such ;o; I love E-Hero The Earth |3

Been storming a bit here today.

Work really sucked. had to spend all of my shift on the Basket Till (Even after they promised they'd move me*), on my break the vending machine decided to give me a drink I didn't like instead of the one I wanted and on the basket till I get a lot of people who don't say hi and/or bye, or are in a rush and leave before I can say bye to them :< Pft, I got a really nasty customer today. Some man comes up with only a packet of Mushrooms, but he, nor the lady behind him, put a divider thing between their shopping, so I asked him if it was just the mushrooms and he snapped back at me "Just them!" in THE most horrid evil nasty ignorant tone you could think of. When he walked away, I could see him pull a face.
It was uncalled for D| I'm glad I rarely get people like that.
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