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Dueling is fun!!

So pulled an all-nighter to RP, then just before I was about to go nap, the postman delivered Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2008 to my door (*Been meaning to get it for a while now*), after that I napped for...I have no idea how long, but I woke up at midday and then played on WC2008 for three hours :D Man, I've gotten better at dueling, I think I only lost a few duels in the game so far with my... odd deck which has like...no set theme. Well, I guess a lot of the monsters either have high attack or high defense, works well though it seems.

...I want an E-Hero deck :< The only E-Hero I have is Clayman ;o; Looks like it's gonna take me a hell of a lot of playing and unlocking of card packs to get most of them XD;
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