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Been a while since I last wrote about a dream.

So my day started with me over-sleeping and waking up JUST in time to quickly get something to eat before work. I forgot I was in an hour earlier today :<
Though I over-slept because I was having the most bizarre weird dream that just...doesn't make any sense...it was so all over the place even I can't make no real sense of what was really going on... and it had so many guest appearances!

So apparently I was on holiday...somewhere... I would say I was staying in this really nice big house...yeah I practically was staying there despite someone in the dream suggested I was staying somewhere else... I dunno... I think at some points I was seeing through the view of Juudai? I know he was in the dream somewhere :/
So this house, nice place, it was suggested it was having work done to it, it had HUGE doors and...some kind of shutters... lots of shutters... I don't get why there were so many shutters in the house...in the hallway blocking it off...
...anyway at the top there was a room where I think there was something like a telescope... something sciencey up there anyway... and I can't for the life of me remember if the person who was up there all the time was Tony Robinson or Daniel Jackson from Stargate... someone wearing glasses... maybe it was both of them :<

So yeah...lotsa weird random stuff. House was staying there too, never really saw him, but I knew which room he was staying in... yay. Though I do remember passing a babies crib in the hallway outside his room and someone said something along the lines of "House when he was a baby"
.......... I dunno.

The most clearest part was when I visited these Roman looking ruins. I wanted to take pictures of the pretty ruins but there were people always walking in my shots!! Then puppies randomly kept pouncing on me because they wanted to eat my camera. FINALLY I was able to get a good enough shot and... a woman and her child sat down beside a wall...right in my shot... on purpose.
SO, annoyed by that I decided to go to a different part of the ruins, it looked nice, through a doorway I could see this rock formation coming down from the ceiling...so I walk through and once again TONS OF PEOPLE, but not only that.... through the doorway there was...
.... a concert.
...in Roman ruins.... there was a huge crowded room and a "Top of the Pops" type chart countdown concert thing going on.

So one act finishes and then...Catharine Tate comes onto the stage. Gives this...speech I really can't remember...then starts singing...
...yes .__. Anyway there's a kind of video playing on a huge screen at that point too, which made a lot of guys laugh for some reason.
Then the Doctor suddenly appears beside me and gives me these plastic beads to wrap around my arm, and gives some to another girl too and tosses some to Catherine Tate. Why? I dunno...but then a random guy I was stood near told me it stopped me from being dead...
And apparently us being saved had something to do with a ghost that lives in the house I was staying at.

So we go back to the house and we're about ready to leave. Then...someone I work with goes into a room we hadn't been in before and shouts thanks to the ghost Oo; Then some other guy comes up the stairs we're on and also shouts to the ghost...pretty much pleading with it to stop...something with Wing A of the house... and something about children being there. then all of a sudden I'm on my own and the guy who plays Giles from Buffy walked past me...I assume he was playing the ghost and was gonna go fix...whatever.

ANYWAY time for us to leave our bizarre holiday, so we pack up and head out to where some buses are (*One bus was made completely out of junk parts!*) and we start loading our luggage onto a minibus thing...then I'm all "OMG! Did I pick up my actual suitcase!?" Cos all I had was like a few bags full of stuff like drawing paper and my Nintendo DS! But someone I was with said she picked it up. Then I take out some drawing paper, pens, pencils and my DS so I can do things on the way home.

I was planning to chain for shiny Pokémon on the ride home.


I dunno what my dreams are on...seriously.

Work sucked today, but it's a Friday so it always sucks.
No work tomorrow \o/ YAY!
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