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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Episode 4

Jack VS Yuusei = EPIC

Gwah, there was this scene just after the Opening Theme/Title with Jack and Yuusei riding through Neo-Domino city and as Jack was rambling on about stuff, it like panned across and around the buildings...it looked so awesome! And the music in that scene I think is my favourite piece of BGM so far <3 It just went so well~! It played at the end of episode 3 too. (*I've personally named the music "Neo-Domino" until we get a 5D's Sound Duel :D;*)
In fact the BGM in this episode really stood out to me for some reason, I'm starting to take more notice of it, which is good cos I love paying attention to the BGM in shows and such.

The brown haired guy who was talking to Rex is crazy.

And who in the hell is that woman who looks like some kind of clown/elf hybrid? XD;

Also...Stardust Dragon is pretty~! *__*

Looking forward to next weeks episode ♥♥♥
Tags: fudou yuusei, jack atlus, neo-domino city, stardust dragon, yu-gi-oh! 5d's
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