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Oh the GX Nostalgia.

...I can't stop listening to this Dango song :< It's cute!

So just finished capping episode 5 of GX, once that's saved up I can release the screenshots for episodes 3-6.
lol Titan.
I remember how Juudai flung a card of his in episode 6 and it like...went straight through Titan's fake Millennium Puzzle... that was epic... but maybe not quite as epic as JACK ATLUS throwing a card across the room and it landing in the middle of his deck...SOMEHOW.
But he's JACK ATLUS, he can screw around with the laws of card physics and... stuff.
Hm, looking forward to Jack VS Yuusei :3

My birthday isn't that far away (*May 3rd*) and my mum said she's gonna give me some money to go towards getting a Wii.
I'm only getting it for the Pokémon games mostly :< I want to use my shinies in Battle Revolution!
Also Pokémon Ranch... I so need that D|
Tags: birthday, dango, oh the gx nostalgia, screenshot project, wiiiiiiiiiiii, yu-gi-oh! gx
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