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Dustox and Raichu episodes

So I FINALLY got round to watching the Dustox and Raichu D/P episodes just now and...wow, both were completely epic and quite emotional (*I will admit that for some reason, the Dustox one upset me more but...I guess the Raichu episode didn't upset me as much cos I knew Pikachu was gonna be fine*) but damn...that part in the Raichu episode where Pikachu nearly DIES, that was just... wow. Srs Pokémon is srs.
The second match between Raichu and Pikachu was awesome though *_*
And Ash still had the Thunderstone he got WAY back in the Lt. Surge episode O_O He doesn't have it anymore though, he let Team Rocket take off with it, so now they have it.

But yes, very good episodes <3 The music in the eps was awesome too.

Wallace and May soon <33 Eee! D/P spoils us~
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