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Oh, the Nostalgia

You know...listening to GX season 3 music while sorting out caps from season 1 is weird.
Oh the nostalgia ;o; Juudai was such a happy dork back then.

Yeah I'm continuing with my GX screenshot project and I'm going back to doing the episodes IN ORDER so I can re-watch the series again ^o^ As I go along, I may also archive any music that wasn't given a Sound Duel release, mostly for reference as it'll have talking and crap over it, but that won't start until I at least reach the Seven Stars, which shouldn't take TOO long. I have episodes 6-16 already DVD capped, just re-doing caps for episodes 1-5 at the moment, replacing the TV avi caps with DVD ones.

I notice there's a little quality difference between this first duel box and the later ones too, just a random observation. The caps I have from mid-season 1 onwards are a lot more crispier in colour 8D
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/PDUTogepi/Random%20Crap/quality.jpg - Cap from season 3 on the left, cap from episode one, which I'm working on now, on the right~

Also, I lost a chain of 32 Growlithe on Pearl today.
Tags: duel box, dvd screenshots, gx screenshot project, juudai is a dork, oh the nostalgia, yu-gi-oh! gx, yuuki juudai
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