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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Episode 1

Finally saw the episode!! :D

Oh god 5D's, I love you.
And Yuusei, you already have a special place in my heart. YOU ARE AWESOME! Seriously~ It seems like he's the kind of... strong, serious and silent type, he barely says anything in the first part of the episode and when Ushio is rambling on at him, he just sits there quietly and GLARES at him. The most talking he did was actually in the duel! XD And then right at the end, Yuusei does a little speech then just ZOOOOOOMS off before Ushio can answer him.
Also I love the fact that he seems to be a genius with computers. He managed to scramble the police/security helicopter computers, he's definitely showing his smarts. It's nice to have a main character like that.

Rally...oh Rally... we still can't figure out your gender ;o; But but you seem to wear a DRESS, just....please we need a gender confirming for you! DD: The voice doesn't help, because it's generally a generic kind of voice that can be used either way for a girl or a boy.
You're still very cute though!

The duels, oh god the motorbike duels, HOW DO YOU PEOPLE NOT CRASH THEM WHILE DOING THAT!? XD But the motorbike duels are so damn awesome. They're really fast-paced and fun to watch! The animation of the show looks way awesome too, you can tell just by watching tat they're definitely putting more effort into 5D's.

The BGM, hummm, none of it really stood out to me, but then again I was finding it hard to listen too on the bad quality youtube version of the episode. I'm HOPING a HQ version comes out so I can give it another watch. But from what I did hear of the BGM it sounds good, definitely has a kind of futuristic feel in some parts. I did like the kind of dramatic one at the end when Yuusei is looking over the city setting just before it ended :3

I also like how Neo Domino City is like two different parts, like the main city and then a kind of...run-down slum part. It's an interesting setting.

Overall, 5D's has left me with an amazing first impression <3 I think I'm gonna love this show loads and loads~~~

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