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Work Rant

So work today was crap.
FINALLY had my return to work paperwork done after I was off one day with that stomach bug and oh yey, apparently I've had two days off in the last 12 months, oh noes! Gwah, I hate the sickness policy of that place, if you're off three days in a year you get a possible verbal warning, off five days in a year and apparently you look at a "dismissal" I assume that means "You'll be fired lol"
Seriously just...what!? YOU CAN'T STAY HEALTHY ALL THE TIME DAMNIT! D| So technically if I take another day off while these two are still active, I'll get a verbal warning...
...for being generally sick. Cos we ALL know how I can magically choose how often I'm sick!

Rest of the shift was also very very "meh", glad I only have tomorrow to work then I don't go back until Friday :D
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