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I want to burn all the England Flags....

Meh, I'm so bored....and it's the stupid boredom that makes me feel like doing nothing... I think part of that is cos I'm hungry...I wonder if tea is done yet...hummm...

I haven't even watched today's new pokemon episode yet, I missed it at half seven so had to set the tape going for the repeat at 10am, I'll have to re-hook my VCR up to my computer and watch it, I have subbed Naruto episode 87 to watch too :p

Marie at work is starting to get on my nerves again, today she said to me in the most strictest annoyed way she could. "There are four rollers and you HAVE to get them out before you go home!"
So there I am....once again with two hours left before I go home, working these rollers on my own, on a busy Sunday, with customers asking me things every 5 seconds and the checkouts (*Which I'm suprised actually didn't grab me as much today*) Safe to say I only managed to do two out of the four -_-;; And I kept thinking "Marie's gonna kick my ass if I don't get them done" but meh....I avoided her on the way out of the store...
...too bad I have a long shift tomorrow.
Honestly if she starts bitching about me being slow again I'll just crack, honestly it's not like I'm going slow on purpose, I work as hard as I can there, yeah I spend most of that time in La-la land I'm like that 24 hours a day but I very rarely stop and chat to other people who work there and try to work what I can, I'm just a person who prefers to take things at my own pace damnit >_<

Oh and apparently the place got broken into last night XD They took a few bottles of certain gins and vodkas but best thing is that we have these new secruity caps which we put over the tops of the bottles and they are IMPOSSIBLE to get off without the little devices we use at the checkouts...
...idiot theives, I laugh at them! HA! Can't sell the expensive spirits for drug money when the people you sell it too can't get into the bottle XD

You know what? I've seen a lot of stupidity on the net today...
....since when did the world get so stupid?

Also I want to burn all the England flags around town on houses and cars and such...
...damn football, in about half an hours time I'm expecting to hear people screaming lots of "YEAHS" and "NOOOOOOS!" as England score/miss goals against whatever country they're playing against....
...I hate football... -_-;;

And then there's this cos everyone else is doing it XD

How to make a PDUTogepi

5 parts success

5 parts ambition

5 parts ego
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of curiosity


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

I need a drink....*walks off*
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