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Wave-Guiding Riolu Episode


Seriously, anything with Hadou, Hunter J and Pokémon Rangers in it was bound to be epic. God I loved this special episode and reminded me how much I love Pokémon Rangers! Hajime was awesome 8D I'm looking forward to getting the new game when that comes out over here ^o^
And I just love LOVE how they keep making references to Ash's Hadou. Usually they don't carry much if anything over from the movies but I am SO glad they carried that on and are using it in the show <3

Hunter J...she's seriously THE most evil damn villain Pokémon has EVER gotten and I love her for it. She's so cold, has no remorse for ANYTHING she does, she tried to kill Ash more than once, I mean her Drapion tried to freakin' CRUSH HIM, but then Ash kicked it in the eye :D Then J dropped Ash out of her airship while it was IN THE AIR. Not to mention before all that when Ash dived into a bush she had her Salamance blast that bush with fire. She set the forest on fire purposely while looking for Ash and the Riolu too.
Best Pokémon villain EVER! THE END!

I took loads of screenshots of the Riolu and Hajime :D I wanna do fanarts~!

In other news, I thought I'd be getting Duel Box 12 today, but it got stuck somewhere. Looks like I'll be getting it Monday instead.
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