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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 179

Oh my god ;o;

There was a few times I almost teared up in this episode... I was just all "OMG THEY'RE GRADUATING ;o;" it was just like... seeing them reflect on the past and stuff it was just so... ;o; It was so sad yet I'm so weirdly proud of these characters ... just...omg ;o;
Juudai looks really cute in that little jacket he had on |3 and Asuka looked really pretty in that dress too... hey took Fubuki...what? Till the end of the series to get her in one?
Anyway then comes Juudai trying to leave only Hane Kuriboh guides him back towards the academy, Juudai is taken to the room with Yuugi's deck on display only...YUUGI HIMSELF IS THERE!
...they still cover up half his face...
...and he's really gotten way buff.
ANYWAY seems Juudai doesn't duel buff almost 30 Yuugi, but is...somehow... sent back to duel...normal little Yuugi... oh GX I love you and how even when you do something predictable you just... have a way of doing it unpredictably, seriously! XD I can kinda see why they did this now, because 30-year-old Yuugi most likely doesn't have the God Cards and this little Yuugi does have them, Juudai seemed to sense their power, he DESU eyed when he held the deck. So this is their way of possibly getting Juudai to face them? I wouldn't be surprised.

Anyway duel wise Juudai has some damn lucky moves, he stops a direct attack from Black Magician TWICE XD

Looks like Atem might be coming out to play in the next episode too.

Oh I'm so glad GX did this, it's so damn epic ;o; I'm really looking forward to next weeks episode!

Next week is the last ever episode....


Oh, forgot to mention how awesomly epic it was to see some of the old one-shot characters like Kagurazaka and Motegi and what not in the background <3

As for me, I'm feeling better-ish, I braved work today and I'm slowly starting to eat more, still feel sorta off but I probably will for a while @_@ Least I have the next two days off work :D
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