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GX 180 rambles and Stuff

Okay so part of me is all "Well that was the most predicatble thing they could of ended the show with" but the rest of me is all "EEE! JUUDAI VS YUUGI DUEL!" cos I actually do want to see it! I guess even though it's hella predictable, it's certinly a nice way to end the show I think :3
It'll be also nice to finally see all of Yuugi's face 8D;

Also, I'm tired, I'm pissed off with various things and my hands hurt because they're dried and cracked.
Togepi's conclusion?
This was a very very crappy week and it's probably set to be crappy for this week too.
Tags: motou yuugi, pissed off togepi is pissed off, yu-gi-oh! gx, yuuki juudai
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