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Just Another Friday

So today was both interesting and...fairly annoying. I managed to avoid the Basket Till (*YAY!*) even though they WERE gonna put me on it, so I pulled a face at it and said I didn't want to go on it. SUCCESS! Anyway After about an hour or so I was put on being the store greeter, we've had these for the last month or so. You stand there and give people free bits of Hot Cross Buns, just generally saying "Hi" to them and talking to them XD I actually like doing that kind of stuff even though I'm not good at the talking, but hey, something different than the tills at least @_@

At about 5:15pm I was put back on the tills...stayed there until about 7:15pm, mind you though, I started at 2pm and by 7:15pm I hadn't even had a break yet D| IT WAS SO DAMN BUSY! Luckily got the break, afterwards I tried starting the left behinds and what not, didn't stay doing that for long before I was put back ON the tills until...sometime past 9pm.
It was 9pm and absolutely little of the cleaning and stuff had been done @_@ Then it turns out that about three trolleys worth of shopping had just been DUMPED by some customers and just LEFT there!
Seriously customers where I work, DON'T DO THAT! It's annoying and if we don't notice it in time we have to dump all the frozen and refrigerated stuff because it's been left out too long!! Want to dump it? At least tell one of the staff ;o; Trying to sort that out in an hour with all the other stuff was hell for our one supervisor who was on (*Who's way awesome! She always lets me do the cleaning and such cos she knows I like doing that ^o^ Others just give the jobs to the younger members of staff*) So we were all running around trying to put the okay stuff back in less than an hour @_@
Though that's only minor... you should see the store when the fire alarms go off and we have to evacuate, though that hasn't happened for a while, every time it does, the customers, instead of waiting, just completely bugger off leaving us to do this mass tidy up of abandoned trolleys when we get back in!
But as I said, luckily that hasn't happened in a long while.

And I have to do another 8 hour shift tomorrow @_@ Fridays and Saturdays are the freakin' worse days for how busy it gets. Sundays can vary. I don't mind Sundays usually though cos it's only a 6 hour shift and it goes fairly quick.
Just those crazy Fridays, RAWR!
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