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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 178

I liked this episode, ended quite epically despite, you know...GOD NEOS, which was indeed made up of E-Hero Neos and the Neo Spacians~ I loved it when Juudai completely went on some kind of motivational speech that awoke everyone up from their despair and what not and everyone returned to be able to see Juudai kick Darkness' ass!

So, just two episodes left. Looks like they're gonna be fun! <3 OMG I have such a funny feeling in my stomach when I think...this show is nearly at it's end ;o;
Though...what is it with that bit in the preview with a sparkly princess Asuka and Prince Fubuki scene XD

Also, I can't wait for sound duel 2 <3 Fweee~~ It best have all the awesome season 3 music on it, this episode was full of the awesome season 3 music and it reminded me how much I WANT it.
Not long to go until it's released though!!!

...I have lots of work for the rest of this month D| Damn Easter.
Tags: darkness, god neos, yu-gi-oh! gx, yuuki juudai
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