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On DVDs and things!

Well I finally pre-ordered Duel Box 12 and GX Sound Duel 2, not sure if they'll be shipped together or not, I kinda ordered them separately when it would of been easier to order them together then choose the option to have them sent as they're released (*Didn't want the CD to hold back the DVD a week XD*) But guess we'll see, they might be sent separately cos I ordered them separately. If the DVD is held back a week though, no biggie.

Wheee! I got the 2nd box set of the Pokémon Indigo League today!! Oh geez, I've really been spending a lot lately and there's gonna be so much more stuff to get over the next number of months XD; I still need the third box set to this. Then there's the Orange League box set that's coming out and Battle Frontier too, also the Rise of Darkrai movie @_@ Plus the Mysterious Cities of Gold box set is due for release on March 24th...though that's what Wikipedia says...Amazon says it's release is in June Oo; Though HMV's site also says March...weird.

Man it's so wet and rainy and cold today X__X;;
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