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GX 176 and Day Out

I liked it at the end when Rainbow Neos laser beamed and blew up everything around it :D That was neat, especially when it went and shot all the Mr. T's~ Darkness is now seperated from Fujiwara....and Fujiwara's back story seemed so sad D: Didn't help that he was freakin' adorable as a kid ;~;
Only the final Juudai VS Darkness bout and the graduation stuffs to go. GX has only 4 episodes left ;~~;

So I went to Meadowhall/Sheffield today with Tony today, a very fun time was had! I have some more Death Note manga finally and I aldo bought a lot of trading cards XD; I have new Johan cards though!! Including Rainbow Ruin which I've been after for a while |3 Also bought some neat Pokémon figures! A pack of 4 which have Piplup, Empoleon, Burmy and Kricketune, and some large single figures of Chatot, Munchlax and Aipom!

While in Sheffield we managed to find the Sheffield Space Center so at least we know where that is now and how to get to it!! :D Maaan we walked a lot though, that and only an hours worth of sleep is a bad combination, I'm tired XD
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