PDUTogepi (pdutogepi) wrote,

Shiny Magnemites~

So today, I spent god knows how many hours chaining Magnemite on Pokémon Pearl, it was the first time I'd gotten that swarm so I was determind to make the most of it!
I chained 114 of them.
I got ten shinies.

I named my Magnemite "Yuusei" <3 Funny enough I renamed my shiny Ralts twins as Rua and Ruka and my shiny Breloom is unoffically named Aki.
I just need a shiny Jack Atlas now :D Gonna check what swarm I get tomorrow and try and chain that. I want to get a lot of chaining done this week while I have the time off work! :3

In other news I've been rather sniffly today and my throat hasn't been feeling THAT great, in fact I've been feeling rather "Meh" all day...I really hope it isn't a cold ><;;

Oh and for those who don't watch my dA account:

-YGO 5Ds- Fudou Yuusei
by ~pdutogepi on deviantART

I coloured my Yuusei picture :D Just need to draw Juudai and Yami Yuugi now 8D
Tags: deviant art, fanart, fudou yuusei, magnemite, pokémon pearl, shiny pokémon, yu-gi-oh! 5d's
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