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Another Picture Attempt!!


Hell yeah!! Slowly but surely I'm getting used to his hair and the more official images of Yuusei that pop up, the more refrence material I'm getting to help with how his hair looks :3 I like how this one came out~ And I may colour it too, mostly the face area cos the one bit I don't like was the body but for what I'm planning to do with this picture, I'll only need the top part of it anyway. I'm planning to make a splash picture for my site, and the picture will contain Yami Yuugi/Atem, Juudai and Yuusei :D

I really need to do the long overdue sort out of my site, just make the splash page and list all the different sections under it, like the Chocolate Orange GX Scan Archive, the Pokémon card scan archive (*Which seriously needs updating D:*), my art site and lots of other crap things XD Mostly images and stuff.

I have a whole week off work next week so hopefully I'll get round to doing that, but I have today to work D: Glad it's only a 4 hour shift.

EDIT: Y'know, I think I'm the only one with 5D's art on DA at the moment! XD Which is funny cos I think I was one of the first to put a Juudai picture up there back before GX even started. I got loads of comments just because people didn't know who the hell he was and kept asking me about GX XD
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