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Popping Water Balloons is fun Ninja training XD

Hummm, I went on a sweet sweet anime watching spree last night after my internet decided it would be fun to disconnect me and stop working for a while -_-;; I watched the subbed versions of FullMetal Alchemist episode 34 and Naruto 86 aswell as the raw of Naruto episode 87, Jiraiya spent most of that episode getting drunk while Naruto tried to pop water balloons, all fun XD
Then I read the latest chapter of the manga which was basiclly just Mad insane evil Sasuke VS Naruto....then it ended with the cutest picture of Itachi and little Sasuke EVER X3 Looks like the next chapter may very well give us more answers to why Itachi killed his clan besides the whole "I needed to test myself" excuse :p

I think I may change my LJ Layout again now, I found some awesome FMA pictures when Nicole gave me the link to an Ed shirne site last night X3 One of them I really love so I think I may make that into my layout....I need all my journal entries to either be alined on the left or right though *lol* I'll play around and see what happens...I need to make some icons from the pictures too X3 YAY

EDIT: Hey if anyone could tell me how to make it so my journal entries are all to one side instead of the center I'd be much appriciative ^^; I can't figure it out...
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