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Pokémon DVD Love~

OH YES~! They're releasing an Orange Islands DVD Boxset AND a Battle Frontier one! I shall sit here in Pokémon gleeee~~~ Hopefully this means we might be seeing the earlier Johto episodes released too :D I HOPE SO! Other than the Orange Islands, BF and D/P, Johto Journeys and Johto League Champions are the only two seasons I'm missing!! X3
Haaaa, so much junk to spend my money on XD

Talking of Pokémon, Europe have a Darkrai site now! O_O http://ms.nintendo-europe.com/pokemondarkrai/enGB/ I foretell a Darkrai event~~ Oh PLEASE let one take place near me on a day I'm not working if it's true!!

That's all for now, got work later, so glad I'm only there 4 hours, yesterday was hell D| Way too busy, too many people complaining about crap we can't really help ect. ect. And my throat has been feeling kinda sore all week too, just meh X_X
Luckily I get a week off at the end of this month, just this next week to work, then off for a week! \o/ YAY!
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