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Day Out at Nottingham

So today nightowldarksky and myself went to Nottingham! Tony had never been to the Forbidden Planet store there so that was the FIRST place we stopped! :D I got some xxxHOLiC manga (*Volumes 2, 4 and 5... Forbidden Planet AND Waterstones both didn't have Volume 1 OR 3 ;~~;), some Pokémon figurines and 6 packs of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Darkness cards (*Of which I was HOPING I'd get Uebel...but I didn't D: Got some Johan, Edo and Juudai cards though*), I also got volume 1 of Tsubasa AND an awesome Pokédex book (*Since mine is now out of date with the release of D/P*)

All in all it was a really awesome day, we did a lot of walking and my legs are aching now though XD; It was a shame stargirlkatie couldn't meet us there, but hopefully we'll get to arrange another get together sometime else! ^^

Hopefully in a few weeks Tony and I might head off to Sheffield/Meadowhall, it's the week I'm off so it would be awesome and maybe...somehow... somewhhere, I'll get volume 1 of xxxHOLiC, I've made a start on the collection though at least \o/!! And even if I don't get it, I'll just wait and check at Amecon!

I made a small ramble on GX 174, but then I lost it...so I'll just say I feel sorry for Manjoume, Shou and Asuka and that Fujiwara is a cheater D:
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