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GX Awesomeness

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Sound Duel 2 is coming out on the 2nd of April~~~!!! I can't wait! I honestly can't wait! X3 I was squeeing so much yesterday when I was told! Though really, what music they'll have on it I have no idea, I mean there was so much music introduced between the seven stars and the end of season 3, they won't be able to fit it all on one CD, so unless they're planning on a sound duel 3 for GX pretty soon too (*Or have this one as a double CD which I doubt*) something tells me we may not see some of it ;~~; Oh god I hope not, all the music is so so awesome, I want it all! Especially a lot of the music from season 3, that had some amazing music.
I think the tune dubbed by the fans as "Impossible Victory" will most definitely have a spot, but I think I'd be happy with just this one CD as long as most of the awesome music is put on it, which to me is most of season 3's music and some select ones from season 2 and the seven stars.
Sound Duel 1 had 49 tracks so I think we'll get a good amount of awesome no matter what :3

Oooh talking of GX, looking at the DVD page on Janime which lists the rentals, looks like the first two Duel Box DVD covers are Misawa for one and Haou for the second.
I think March's Duel Box will be an Epic one.

Okay GX spazzing over with for now.

In real life stuffs, where I work is getting a new uniform soon! Only...I've still yet to get mine ;~~; I meant to pop in today but... I was lazy and stayed in bed. Tomorrow then most likely...I DO need to double check and make sure they don't have me listed as coming in tomorrow anyway ¬¬; I swear I tell them I can't work Tuesdays and they just give me a Tuesday shift anyway, so the very same weekend that schedule went up I crossed it off which is what my manager told me to do if she ever gave me "shifts I can't do", I should of done it in time for them to see it and not list me, but I should just double check.

Back to being lazy now! \o/
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