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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 172

No seriously, they really did blow up Kaiba Corp.
Kaiba won't be too happy about that...

Juudai's escape from the blowing up of KaibaCorp was awesome, he's been getting very action hero-y lately, though no matter how badass he tries to be, Juudai will always fail it SOMEHOW.
While falling to his IMPEDING DOOM, he summons Neos with Uebel's power. Neos, instead of ya know, grabbing Juudai or the platform thing he's in, decides to further the blowing up of KaibaCorp by laser blasting a lower bit, which flings Juudai in the opposite direction, luckily Neos catches him, but right after Juudai thanks it, Neos vanishes while still holding him in the air and Juudai falls flat on his face.
I guess it was more Neos' fail than Juudai's but...
...still hilarious. That's what I've always loved about GX, sometimes it has these serious moments and then they'll just add this little humorous moment for the lolz.

Anyway Juudai walks away from the exploding building, but he seems to start to feel odd, but manages to steal Saiou's motorbike and ...he somehow knows how to drive it... HOW do you know how to DRIVE these things??
....He DOES look badass on it though.
Then he almost drives it off Domino Pier, but realizes he's heading for it so jumps off the motorbike super action style and the bike skids off the pier into the water. Juudai doesn't look very well as he struggles to walk to his boat and right after he collapses to his knees, he looks up and sees Mr.T in front of him.
Juudai is all "RAWR! MR. T!! DUEL ME!" and Mr. T responds by...sounding concerned about Juudai and Mr. T has the Gem Beasts too!! :o DA DA DAAAA!

Interesting, when Juudai uses Fusion, a load of dark smoke comes out from it and later on after Rainbow Dragon's attack hits him, black smoke explodes around Juudai and goes into his fusion card, then a veil of darkness reveals that he wasn't dueling Mr. T like he thought he was, it was Johan all along, but awww, after that it's so sweet with Johan and Juudai back together and the spirits of the E-heros, Hane Kuriboh and Gem Beasts all around them <3
So, all that darkness in him was what was making his sick and delusional? Seems there was something about The Fool...so I'm guessing the darkness spread from the fool to his fusion card or something? Really not sure but there's a relation between the two. Understandable it affected that card really, it is the card in his deck that has a dark connection to him. Poor guy.

The darkness in Kenzan's heart has something to do with the dinosaur bone in his leg? And it seems he was made to think he was a Dinosaur and that loads of other Dinosaurs were attacking him, then he got blasted by Horus LV 8 ;~~;

Awww, man this episode was so awesome, next episode looks awesome too. I think...the end of this show won't disappoint me, season 4 has been fantastic.

Okay now that ramble is done, I think I should sleep...I haven't slept yet ;~~; Other than the two hours I had last night after I got off MSN.
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