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GX 171!

I love Saiou so much, he's awesome and he his interaction with Mizuchi at the end of the episode was so adorable. Also...his hair really does have a life of it's own Oo;
JUUDAI IS BEING SO BADASS! I love how...well...Saiou appeared to mention Haou, then Juudai switched on his Desu eyes, made what sounded like an awesome speech, all the darkness of the field just swirled and disappeared and he proceeded to kick Saiou's ass, need to keep an eye out for translations for that part to see what was said, especially since I have no idea exactly what happened to Saiou in the end Oo;
Also, Miracle Flipper is cute and now I want to draw Miracle Flipper and Card Excluder.

The next episode looks like it's going to be even more badass, I mean, Juudai escaping from the top of KaibaCorp which is blowing up, that is just so kick ass looking.
Then Mr. T duels Juudai while using the Gem Beasts :o
I'm looking forward to next weeks episode so damn much X3


Started training some more of my shinies since I don't like them sitting around doing nothing and I really want them to be raised good...well...as good as I can get outside of EV training and all that crap, so I'm choosing the attacks I want them to have and training them up to have them. Though...my Surskit (*Soon to be Masquerain*) needs to be leveled up to LV 61 before it has all the attacks I want for it, lolz.

Up to episode 18 in xxxHOLiC now :D

Now off to get ready for work~ XP
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