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Terrible Fangirl Ramblings and Theories

JUUDAI AND JOHAN VS FUJIWARA!! <33 Oh god those two episodes sound awesome, we might, just MIGHT get some background to Johan AND maybe an explanation as to why he and Juudai have this apparent strong unbreakable ZOMG bond, I mean, when they first met they said it pretty much felt like they already knew each other so that bond was from day one, seems a little odd if it's that strong for no real reason, I mean this bond can withstand Darkness!Fujiwara poking around in Johan's brain meats to find the darkness in his heart to try and break it.
This season seems to be wrapping up a lot with the characters, so lets wrap up this mystery GX, I think it's the only other one left remaining that I want answered!

I'd love it if it ended with it being revealed they're related somehow, but I'm doubting that really, maybe because it would seem too sudden or the fact they don't look like each other much...then again this is anime...after all, Kaiba and Mokuba are related and they look nothing like each other XD But still, I would like for there to be SOME sort of connection and a reason anyway.
Though it might be that Johan and Juudai really are just completely gay for each other ;p I'd really take any explanation rather than no explanation, it really would just seem...wrong for them to have such a strong bond right from the beginning and have no reason as to WHY! Though I do wonder what exactly the darkness in Johan's heart is, he seems like a pretty happy guy, but he's a pretty happy guy we know very little about.
Err, I'll stop rambling about this part now XD

Anyway we also get Darkness!Fujiwara VS Fubuki, apparently Fujiwara shows him the darkness that's in the others hearts O_O Interesting!

And then...first episode in March starts JUUDAI VS DARKNESS! So...looks like GX might be ending in April after all if they're running this epic battle so soon with just enough episodes left to do that battle and then hopefully see a nice happy ending with them all graduating, that would be awesome |D But yeah, guess we'll see.

But if it does end, I have a theory that it MIGHT end with episode 180. Why? Well on the duel boxes there are ALWAYS 12 episodes, 4 per disk. So I worked out which episodes would be on which and I came up with:

Box 12: 133 - 144
Box 13: 145 - 156
Box 14: 157 - 168
Box 15: 169 - 180

Episode 180 would take us to the last week in March. If we ARE getting a new series, that would probably start the first week in April. Though like I said, just a theory~

Well I managed to do a little cleaning, still need to do lots more though, but today my throat has been feeling like crap, possibly due to my dust allergy D|

Also, to the customers at work who try to go through the basket/10 Items or less till with a trolly FULL of stuff, when I say you have too much for me to let you through, don't pull faces at me or try to argue with me, just accept it |< Blah.
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