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I Need Motivation ;~~;

...well I didn't even start on cleaning my room today.

Where in the hell did I put my motivation ;~~; Eh, might go around my room and pick up the odd thing and make a small start at least.

Well at least I just ordered a new tablet, my current one has just been so spazzy lately, the pressure hasn't been working right, it works when it wants to and when it's NOT working the cursor seems to be all over the place, it's really hard to work with. So I ordered a Wacom one off amazon.co.uk which even though it looks fairly small, it has really good reviews, plus it was decently cheap.
Should be getting that sometime before 1pm on Wednesday!! Hopefully I'll re-gain my art muse with it, my current tablet hasn't been the best anyway...glad that was cheap too XD;

Okay might do a bit of cleaning now.
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