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Epic Long Post of Boring Rants and Plans

SO work today kinda sucked. Damn Saturdays, kinda glad I don't usually work them now (*And spend most sleeping :D*), they stuck me on the basket till for the first half of my shift and I just HATE it on there, I really need to compile a list of WHY I hate it, so many reasons .__. Like having to turn people away with huge shops and they GLARING AT YOU, or the fact that it's WAY TOO COLD down there, the fact that it's far away from the supervisors and they never seem to come when I call them and I'm too far away to grab their attention, the fact that it's all little shops, the time just DRAGS, we also get a lot of young kids buying alcohol, especially on Friday nights .__. I actually make sure on a Friday night that I get to work a little last-ish just to avoid being put on that till.

So luckily I was put on a regular till after my break, but at one point they nearly put me in the kiosk...the only OTHER place in the store I hate WORSE than the basket till!! I'm not even trained up there but since the lottery was shut down they asked me to cover a break and...I just wouldn't go...sorry but I hate being put up there work peoples. I'm up there, on my own, in the quiet end of the store (*It's creepy up that end actually*) and oh, I'm selling cigarettes that I HATE the existence of, I feel like I'm helping to kill people when I sell them .__. Oh yeah and since I don't know their brands or where they are, I start panicking X__X Luckily I got out of it since they could tell I REALLY didn't want to go up there. Though giving my reason as "I hate the existence of cigarettes" seems kinda silly, but...I just hate them.

Then I come home and my dad is cooking late at night again. I've already told him once to not cook me anything on Saturday nights cos I have to get up early on Sundays and eating late makes me not tired and I struggle to sleep ;~~; I asked him politely again to not make me stuff on Saturdays and all he did was pull a face at me and walk off...geez.

Ranting over and done with now onto some plans!
Since I have three days off I need to work on some things:

1. Monday I need to clean my room! If you see me online and I'm just being lazy, tell me off D: Because it needs it, seriously and I think I'll be happier not living in a mess.
That and I really want to get round to arranging my Pokémon plushies about a bit, most of them have been in a pile in the spare room for months.

2. Tuesday is charity shop day, haven't been there in 3 weeks due to holidays and work. Tuesday night I'll be on MSN, sorry about not being there these past three or so weeks X__X; Combination of either too busy or just forgetting to sign on .__.

3. Wednesday is GX day! So I plan to do the usual, geek out on GX!! Seriously, Juudai VS Saiou duel. Going to be made of pure AWESOME.

4. I also want to get back into a few of my Pokémon projects: Screencapping Pokémon episodes and updating the card art scan archive. Gwah I am SO BEHIND on capping Pokémon DP and I haven't updated type_wild since...July maybe? When I do more caps I might just continue posting them here, maybe even post them on one of the Pokémon communities.
Are there any DP episodes you guys want to see capped by the way? Getting the episodes I've missed has been a long process as I've been getting them through direct downloads, I SHOULD have most of them now, need to double check.
I need to continue capping Pokémon Advanced too.

ALSO, I have a week off at the end of Feburary, as long as I get my room cleaned up and all the stuff out of the spare room I am DAMN WELL decorating that room by myself, my dad has had FOUR YEARS TO DECORATE IT and he's barely even started, yes, in 4 years. I want to move my computer and some of my stuff in there damnit!! And my TV and my DVD player and my future Wii I want to get sometime later this year. So dad, I don't care that you want to do it perfectly, you had 4 years, I am just going to START on it while you're at work that week and that's that.
He's convinced I'll make a massive mess and just not do it "right" and won't let my mum help at all.

My dad is an idiot at times.

I think that's all I wanted to say @_@
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