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We tried...

Well I went over to my mum's house and we tried to get the glass out but really you can't see it at all so we don't know if we got it out or not -_-;; Either way my mum put some cream on it which apparently is stuff which draws out things like this if it's still in there then I might be looking at a trip to the hospital to try and get it out.
Upon me telling my dad just now he just gave me one of his "Well that's stupid" looks and told me if it hurts anymore after tomorrow then I'll have to have an X-ray O_o; But would they REALLY be able to see a piece of glass which is very very small on that thing X_x;
Hummm....never had an X-Ray before...lol

Mu mum is gonna take a look at it again tomorrow anyway, I'm hoping we got it out -_-;; I don't fancy a trip to the hospital....

Look 2 new Yugioh LJ Icons XD

I loves the Theif Bakura one X3 I saw that in episode 208 and I had to make an icon of it! XD YAY!
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