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Why is life so useless...?

My dad's just worried me half to death over this site thing, he always tells me the worst case situations which always make me feel 10 times worse than I do...as if feeling I'm the most stupidest person on earth isn't enough >_< It's not like I'm not trying to sort it out, it's not my fault lycos won't listen to me, I swear the guy who replied to my e-mail didn't read it properly...he just replied back telling me to do what I've ALREADY done...several times...

...it's gonna end with me having to ring them, but if they can't help even over the phone I'm gonna have to tell them to cancel the account and make it so I can pay what I owe them... I won't be getting another paid site after that....not after all this...

...so please everyone, if this doesn't go in a good way don't be suprised if PDU dies...I can't hold it on a free server unless it's a small site with just bits of information with no things like fanart...which does suck cos the fanstuff makes the site popular...PDU would be no fun with such limitations... -_-;;

*sighs* anyway I think I'll carry on downloading this first episode of "Hikaru no Go" Nicole gave me a link to a place which has all episodes for a direct download...well....through FTP or something and I've been curious to see what it's about...I was gonna try and get a few Naruto episodes today from this other site she gave me but...I forgot the user name for it ^_^;; And the downloads are up on spercific days... never mind...I have monday to get some of them...
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