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Ouch... -_-;;

Whaaa, damn stupid glass in my finger >_< I believe it is still there and getting it out seems near impossible, I need a needle of some sort but I think my mum took the sowing kit XD When it gets late enough I'll phone her and ask to come over so I can borrow a needle and see if I can get this damn thing out. If what I see just on the surface of my finger is the glass it sure is a tiny slip of a thing...
...my finger is throbbing now -_-;;

Also my Hay fever seems to have made the area around my left eye really sore feeling.... almost feels like somebody punched me there or something XD It's all in good fun isn't it? -_-;;

w00t! Soon I'll be getting Jirachi Wish Maker on DVD *dances* Hopefully it should arrive sometime next week, the last time I ordered a DVD from the same place it took exactly a week to come I believe X3 Yayness!
I also just ordered a bunch of other stuff from amazon UK Mostly mangas (*Fruits Basket volumes 2 and 3, DNAngel volume 1, Digimon Tamers Volume 2, Naruto volume 3 and Yugioh volume 5*) and the second volume of Fruits Bakset on DVD X3 Yes I've become a little Manga whore, they're such fun to read *lol*
Looks like I won't be getting them for a while though, the delivery is estimated at around the 25th of June - 2nd of July XD Although it picked a good week cos I'm off work the last week of June/first week of July.

Gosh my finger looks quite sore now X_x;
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