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GX 168 - And Things Get More Interesting

...I love how everyone disspaears from Domino City, yet the only name we DON'T see dissapear is Kaibas, cos he's h4x like that. I really LOVED seeing all the series 1 (*The Toei animated series that was never dubbed*) and early manga characters names on O'Brien's list, that was just awesome! The only one I really reconized straight away was Miho's, but a few of the others were ringing bells.

Also, I loved Juudai's action boat scene XD I think he kinda failed at it at first but he made it look good at the end.
And I still wonder to this day how the hell he learned to drive a boat like that, he's been able to do it ever since the first season :/ Must be a shounen retard thing...Ash can drive boats out of the blue too.

They appear to be doing some construction work on the Kaiba Corp building too.

Seen the first three episodes of xxxHolic, enjoying it so far \o/!!
Tags: action hero juudai, austin o'brien, domino city, kaiba corp, kaiba is h4x0r, seto kaiba, yu-gi-oh! gx, yuuki juudai
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